Deluxe Room

  • From
    INR 2,500/- (including all taxes) with breakfast

    25% discount up from 1st April to 15th May’15

  • NOTE :-
    1. These rates is only from Monday to Thursday.
    2. Friday to sunday 25 % discount on Tarrif on E.P.

    Our deluxe rooms are responsible for a cozy atmosphere and creating a sense of cohesion throughout the suites. Choose rooms that suit your persona while remaining comfort and safety. We believe that more layering in rooms, the more comfortable your stay becomes. Rich fabrics in shades, spectacular furnishings, thick carpets, state-of-art technology and sophisticated lighting are trademarks of our inn. You will find some artworks in suites- it is an extremely form of expression that can make your stay amazingly comfortable & personalized- the combination of artwork, including pictures and sculptures that speak to you. The unique painting and a vintage fireplace mantel looks wonderful in our suites- you would find affordable treasure over here that’ll make all the difference in your stay.